Harbinger Experiment

I was reached out to by Tesla_Samsara, a magicfind enjoyer who loves running Harbinger content, looking to solve some questions about how Harbinger loot works.

We decided on five things we wanted to know:

Test 1: Does harbinger quant scale with delirium layers?

Test 2: Does harbinger quant scale with delirium mirror?

Test 3: Does zone rarity/quant apply?

Test 4: Are Harbinger bosses still “roll shards 3 times, keep rarest”?

Test 5: With no bosses, what is the breakdown of shard rarity?

The ultimate plan is to work out whether or not the scarab that turns all shard drops into one type is worth using or not, as its effect is undocumented.

This links to my discord. Well, it’s not a clickable link – that’s an antibot measure. I’m sure you are smart enough to transcribe it.

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