3.19 Map Summary

download: https://www.sirgog.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Maps-319-summary.xlsx

or as CSV: https://www.sirgog.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Maps-319-summary.csv

As always with maps, everything is a little subjective.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Apothecary has not been 100% confirmed to drop in Defiled Cathedral, to the best of my knowledge. Map tags indicate that ilvl 75+ items dropping in that map have a bit over a 1 in a million chance of being replaced by The Apothecary. Farm at your own risk, 75+ Crimson Temple is absolutely proven to drop it.

Notable cards:

Gold is the best, then silver, then copper, then text with no highlight, then blank.

I’ve tried to factor in card rarity as well as likely value – hence the extremely valuable Unrequited Love being only silver tier, and the somewhat valuable Gift of Asenath and The Demon not even showing up because they are so rare. This is trade-oriented (mostly). “And More” indicates that Seven Years Bad Luck and The Enlightened also drop; combined they’d be a copper/bronze tier.

Some cards lose value fast, these are mostly not included. Humility and some of the main six link cards are included but below copper tier.

Boss tag meanings:

RIP – Mistakes on this boss are likely to instantly or rapidly kill you. This doesn’t necessarily mean the boss is hard (Moon Temple gets this tag), just that there’s something you have to drop everything and dodge. Very geared characters can ignore (most of) these warnings.

Mech – The boss has complex, important mechanics

Phased – Overwhelming DPS will not instantly kill this boss, it will have invulnerability periods.

Gear – You can lose control of this fight in some way if you attempt it with terrible gear. Example – the boss has unavoidable damage, or spawns waves of adds that overwhelm you if you don’t kill them or the boss fast, or the boss self-heals. Often these maps can be easy when not delirious, and very hard when 60%, 80% or 100% delirious. They can also be rough on a 4 link with level 17 gems on launch day.

I expect some people will disagree with some of the tags here.

Layout tiers:

This is my personal opinion. As has become a nerd culture staple, these follow letter grading systems, but with S meaning ‘quite a bit better than A’.

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9 Responses to 3.19 Map Summary

  1. Julian aka Julio Foolio says:

    Hi, You are my favorite tuber and by that I mean a delicious root vegetableā€¦ um.. moving on. Thank you, for all of your insights and thoughts on POE. Your incisive analysis is very much appreciated. Could you add a note on what windy means and maybe some of the other layout descriptions? If your to busy I understand, mostly just wanted to say thank you. If you publish a newsletter etc.. sign me up, otherwise please keep my email private

    • admin says:

      No newsletter. Windy means lots of winding on the main path. This can be on good maps and on bad.

  2. Marcin says:

    You just did like 80% of what I was going to do tonight! I love it

  3. Jimmy says:

    Wow very nice dude.

  4. pickefoo says:

    Hi Sirgog. What are your Top 5 the most favorite maps?

  5. knedle says:

    Hi SG,
    would it be possible to add to the maps or boss which Pantheon is advantageous for him?
    if that makes sense for some of them…

    • admin says:

      This is a good idea for HC players at least. I’m not the right person to answer though, as I don’t really have enough HC experience.

      My default is to start with Brine King and Ryslatha unless I have a very strong reason to go otherwise, and only change Pantheons for major reasons.

  6. RazorSparky says:

    Hey SG, Happy league day!

    Any chance we can get an updated version of this for 3.2 at some point? really helped my farming in 3.19 šŸ˜€

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