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  1. Anon says:

    Hello SirGog, big fan 😛

    TLDR: I had a question regarding farming influence items, and whether or not it would actually be best to stay somewhere around 15 or so watch-stones if spawning conquerors and farming influence drops was your only goal.

    After 20 watch-stones and A4 Sirus, I am finding that it can take 5, 7 or 9 maps to spawn a conqueror fight. Of these 5-9 maps, three will have influence. Then you can have a 4th, guaranteed influenced map as the next one, thanks to Zana creating the map and asking you to go fight said conqueror. For juicing purposes, however, however, I would not really count the very first map (since it’s random), nor the Zana map (since you can’t actually juice it). Therefore, post 20 watch-stones, you only really get 2/ 5-9+ number of (in my case, maybe all cases, my) T15+ maps to juice.

    Pre-20 watch-stones I think (from dodgy memory) that the numbers are far better than this. In the early days of the Atlas, don’t you pretty much get influence on all 3 maps in a row once influence has spawned? If so, I might rather purposely fail to kill or collect watch-stones in order to be able to farm influenced maps more frequently. I know I would miss out on awakener bonus (including 40% more conqueror-influenced drops) as well as Sirus fights and other benefits – but, again, if I specifically wanted to farm influence item-bases, this seems like a trade-off well worth taking.

    So my question is, if I made a new account and kept my watch-stone numbers low, could I give that character my T15+ maps and, once influence spawned, run those high-level maps on an atlas where more than just 2/5-9+ maps were deterministic as far as juicing goes?

    Love your lucid YouTube videos and your takes on your podcast series with SlipperyJim.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, think and reply.

    Best regards, – Anon

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