I’m an Australian gamer in my 30s that got hooked on games as a young kid during the “Nintendo Hard” era – an era when game designers were unable to design long games for technical reasons, and so they made games tough to extend the time they would remain engaging.

I loved that era of games.

Games that tested you, that made you fight to progress.

As a kid and teenager, my favorite games were the original Super Mario Bros, Bubble Bobble and Tetris from the NES era, and Secret of Mana, Super Metroid and Final Fantasy 6 from the SNES era. Honorable mentions to Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2, and Super Castlevania 4.

During this era I also played Magic: The Gathering, mostly competitively at low level tournaments. I still play MTG and occasionally write about it at

After the SNES era wound down, I switched to PC gaming and loved Diablo and Diablo 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online (before it became the pay-to-cheat cash shop grindfest it is today), EVE Online and now I’m consumed by Path of Exile.

I’m also a prolific Reddit shitposter (with the same screenname there, /u/sirgog) who works full time in aviation, dealing with aircraft technical records and in teams handling end-of-lease transitions for jet aircraft.

Games are not my job, and I’m no web professional. This page is amateur, and it will look amateur. It’s done in WordPress after all.


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