2000 opinions on Hateforge in 3.15

I asked my Youtube viewers their thoughts on if and how Hateforge should be available in 3.15. Here’s the results:

I’m in a minority here (I advocate putting it with The Feared 8-mod, which is why that option appears). I think it would be a cool reward for an over the top difficulty encounter and provide a way to target farm the item.

I think there’s a bias toward 24/40 challenge players in my reach on Youtube. So this could be seen as more indicative of the opinions of 24/40 players than of the playerbase as a whole.

A lot of comments indicated some people who voted T0 want the item to ‘almost not exist’ while still being there for the obsessed. I’m not a fan of extremely powerful items being balanced by rarity in general, but clearly some people are.

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