The Endgame Flowchart – A Summary Of Many Endgame Activities

POE’s endgame has a lot of possible activities in it.

This flowchart isn’t a guide to endgame, more an outline of what activities are available, a rough estimate of the difficulty of each, and partial information on prerequisite chains to access activities. Difficulty isn’t something players will all agree upon – for example, many people believe I overstate the difficulty of the Cortex encounter and understate the difficulty of Uber Atziri.

Activities become more challenging the further down the list you get.

You’ll need to open the flowchart in a new tab. It kinda doesn’t work otherwise.

Not mentioned: Delirium, fractured mapping and more. Actually mapping in general is really glossed over here – it’s the glue that binds everything on this chart together.

Feel free to download this, distribute it and create derivative works. Use it in any way you see fit except claiming authorship.

Guides to some encounters found here:

The Elder:

The Shaper: (this is an old guide, this will show, it’s still accurate though)

Uber Elder:

Conquerors of the Atlas:
Al-Hezmin guide:
Drox guide:
Veritania guide:
Baran guide:
I don’t have a Sirus guide. I recommend Twitch streamer Don The Crown’s guide instead, it’s outstanding.

“Low Effort” Heists:

My main Heist guide:

My main Delve guide (embedded below):

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  1. RubioNubio says:

    Maybe I’m too late to the party, but I can’t seem to get a hi-res image of the flowchart, even opening in a new tab etc. Am I just Pepega 3Head?

    Really enjoying your YT content, recently discovered your channel and glad I did!

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