Legion Atlas Thoughts

The 3.7 Atlas. Thanks to the following people for labelling it: Vocandin, Empyrian, Redsameri, Chilly, Hobbitcraftlol, Dampin, Stubbs. Click to make full screen.

The Very Best Maps (subject to change if div cards move, or there are drop rate changes)

All natural 16s (I expect Shaper fragments to be valuable with the necklace being made more rare)


15 – Desert Spring (for absolute monster count – high count = better returns and more XP).

15 – Summit (balance of smooth layout and high monster count, boss is a killer though.

13 – Shrine, 11 – Precinct and 12 – Lava Lake (div card and map returns).

13 – Tower (div card)

11 – Crimson Temple (div card, if Headhunter was made much rarer The Life Thief may be the best source of Soul Eater. Have not personally seen this card drop so may be wrongly attributing it to this map)


10 – Bazaar, 9 – Arsenal. Each has good monster count, each has a good div card.

7 – Spider Forest. Premium div card.


4 – Crater

Initial thoughts:

Currency/Loot optimized: Complete all 1-8. 9 – Arsenal. 10 – Bazaar. 11-12 all. 13 – Tower. 14 – nil. 15 – All. 16 – All.

Run Towers where possible. When out of Towers (may happen at times), take your Arsenals and Bazaars and run them with Zana’s +5 tiers to a map.

This will require considerable atlas respeccing.

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  1. nerd says:

    Are you going to make a My legion – starter plans page?

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