How to craft Int-stacking ES Tailwind boots.

Video coming.

Craft Goals:

  • 30% quality
  • T1 increased ES (Seething: 39-49 ES)
  • T1 increased ES% (Unassailable: 92-100% ES, or will settle for Indomitable: 80-91% ES)
  • T1 movespeed (Hellion’s: 35%)
  • T1 increased Int (of the Genius, 51-55 Int, or will settle for of the Virtuoso: 43-50 Int)
  • Tailwind
  • Abyssal Socket

This is designed to be mirror tier for Int-stacking assassin wanders. It’s not optimal for other builds which might prefer Elusive or cooldown reduction, but it will still be very strong on those builds.

We are going to take a leaf from the beginner method of solving the Rubik’s Cube and solve this puzzle piece by piece, breaking down the craft and using only steps that leave the completed parts of the item untouched. This will include blocking mods, and selective add/remove crafts.

Tailwind requires Hunter and is hard to roll but trivial to add with Harvest. We’ll add it last, with Harvest.

Got to get 30 quality first or lose the option forever (unless you beastcraft it as final step, but this corrupts the item and precludes chasing corrupted implicits)

Abyssal socket requires a Hollow Fossil (ultra rare Delve drop). It’s worth it – 40 ES AND damage is huge.

Int can’t really be target added, needs a lucky roll. Higher tiers more likely with Sanctified Fossils, the community has no hard numbers here so they may or may not be worth it.

If we hit Int with a bad prefix that can’t be surgically removed, we’ll use “reforge an item keeping all suffixes”.

If we hit Int with a bad suffix that can’t be surgically removed, RNG time. Either annul and pray or Beastcraft ‘remove suffix add prefix’ and pray. 1 in 3 chance to not ruin the item (removing Int or Abyss krangles it)

Add-Remove Defense can be used over and over to try to hit the two desired ES mods; in conjunction with ‘blocking’ the undesired ‘BaseLocalDefensesAndLife’ modgroup.

Once we have ES sorted, time to sort speed. We don’t want to add Tailwind yet (last step) so we will craft on a dummy suffix (not speed tagged) and add/remove speed till we have exactly the Hellion’s mod.

Then we remove the dummy suffix and augment crit. Guaranteed Tailwind.

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