I’ve added a merchandise page

E-commerce seemed to be a lot to learn and my due diligence indicates that the Youtube channel is nowhere near being able to provide even a modest living for me, so I hadn’t done this yet.

But it’s kinda easy to get into now through third parties that don’t hit you too hard on fees, so I set up a merchandise store through Stream Elements. (I’ve got no other relationship with Stream Elements, they are just a service provider)

Here’s the link: https://merch.streamelements.com/sirgog

and some silly image ad

Origins of the Toucan meme and ‘Krangled’:

Toucan originated as a measure to fight RMT cheat sites.
If they advertised in global, someone would post a copypasta to cause the cheat site’s ad to scroll off into oblivion.
An ASCII Toucan became the most popular one and it became a meme within the POE community – especially when GGG started clamping down on it. “You have been muted for 12 hours for spamming” was a common reaction.
As for Krangled – that’s from the greatest Reddit post in the history of the Path of Exile subreddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/g1ksx2/what_returning_after_a_few_years_feels_like/ was a joke about complexity creep. Everything on it is nonsense but it’s so well crafted that the Krangled word stuck.

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