Path of Exile – My Synthesis league start plans

Less than twelve hours to go.

If you’ve watched any of my Youtbue videos on currency generation at league start you will know I am a huge believer that the actual beginning of a league is an incredible opportunity.

The opportunity is too great for me to pass it up.

So I’m aiming for maps within 6-7 hours. This is not even close to a world record time – there will be at least a hundred in maps within 4 hours. But it’s what I can achieve.

This guide has been inspired by many videos produced by talented racers – Kammell, Zizaran and many more.

I’ll league start as a Cold Damage Over Time Occultist. Later I will transition into a Hand of Wisdom and Action Molten Strike Occultist.

Here’s my key milestones:


  • Beers in the fridge. (This part is important).
  • Build outline done
  • Atlas plans made
  • The three S’s: Shower. Shave. Shit.
  • LOOT FILTER. This is to be done during the patching.
  • Check, double check, triple check the time league starts
  • Snacks. Start with carb light ones (cold meat, etc). Carby stuff should wait.
  • Double check the beer situation.
  • Decide upon the silly stuff. What MTX am I using (Sin set with the wings, Crucible weapon, the most flashy and ugly Heralds possible)
  • Get Baby Shark out of your head
  • Triple check the beer.

Act 1

  • Create a Scion. Get Onslaught Support. Kill Hillock, check vendor for BGG, BBG weapons and for 10% speed boots. Exit to character. DO NOT FUCK UP and alt-F4 or exit to login. That results in another queue.
  • Create a Witch
  • Kill Hillock, rush Mud Flats. Complete mandatory quest there. WP back to the Tidal Island. Kill Hailrake. TP (don’t log due to queue). Quicksilver – transmute/augment it.
  • FROST BOMB. Frost Bomb – Onslaught – X
  • Straight to Ledge (skip passive quest until A2).
  • ONLY KILL BLUE PACKS and shit that is in the way, or to recharge zoom zoom flask.
  • Skip Prison trial unless in group
  • After Brutus dies loot then TP (don’t log). Added Cold or Added Lightning as appropriate to gem colours.
  • Wear a dex ammy if available (deviate for good items)
  • No chest armor for the moment (due to move speed penalty of 3-6%). Alter if dying.
  • Do Fairgraves ASAP, skip turnin until Cavern WP. Then FLAME DASH and BUY STORM BRAND.
  • Ignore cold res, just dodge Merveil’s casts

Act 2

  • Do the Den. It sucked once, it now has a guaranteed zoom zoom flask that’s high enough level to roll Adrenaline
  • Kill Kraityn
  • Do Chamber of Sins trial
  • Kill Fidelitus
  • Riverways – follow road, flame dash over rivers. Get WP.
  • Kill Oak, get WP, WP to Riverways. HELP ALIRA. Emblem. Spider. A1 skillpoint crab.
  • Look for 3L BBB – Flame Dash, Arcane Surge, Faster Casting
  • Crypt trial (skip the stupid quest, even if it is a challenge)
  • BRAND RECALL (Yeena)
  • Zoom zoom to Vaal Oversoul
  • Celebratory Toucan in global

Act 3

  • Crematorium + trial
  • Sewers – usually 1 bust before WP but sometimes two. After WP, depth-first search following right wall to find 2nd bust.
  • Do trial in Mausoleum
  • WP + Spool in Battle, then Solaris, WP back then docks
  • Sulphite all that’s needed there (WP not needed now)
  • TP then WP to Dialla, then WP to Sewers.
  • CHECK FIRE RES. If low play careful on Gravy
  • CHECK COLD RES. If low, play careful on Piety
  • Imperial Gardens – Trial
  • Dominus (check lightning res) then Aqueduct then Dried Lake then A1 trial
  • Note – Can’t get Haste on a Witch. If partied get friends to get it. If solo just use Malediction (should be able to get this). Failing that Hatred

Normal Lab

Act 4

  • Already done Dried Lake
  • Stoned Golem. Stupid OP at this level
  • Rush to Deshret then to Veins WP
  • Kaom – check fire res
  • Daresso
  • Piety. CHECK BLEED FLASK. Play careful if you don’t have one
  • Malachai

Act 5

  • Whole act quite linear. Check lightning res for Innocence.
  • Look for BBBB 4 link x2.

Act 6

  • HASTE. EFFICACY (for 3L Vortex, now BBBB).
  • Storm Brand no longer a major damage source
  • If fire under 60 be CAREFUL in mud flats
  • Prison – TRIAL
  • Do Aberrath and Ryslatha on curve. Aberrath rippy AF.
  • If cold/elec under 60 be CAREFUL on Brine

Act 7

  • Crypt first. TRIAL in top level. MAP in bottom.
  • Chamber of Sins – TRIAL
  • Ralakesh. No bleed flask = OUCH
  • Fireflies, Gruthkul (no Granite = OUCH)
  • QUEST (locket/star/whatever it is)
  • Rest straightforward

Act 8

  • Doedre hardest boss yet.
  • EAST
  • Docks – depth first search staying RIGHT
  • Grain Gate – enter doors with corpses marking them
  • Solaris – turn RIGHT
  • Cross Harbor Bridge to Lunaris Concourse
  • Loony Temple
  • Yugul
  • Bath trial
  • Finish

Act 9

  • Desert has a quest
  • Foothills WP, Boulderback
  • Quarry WP (trial in mines)

Cruel Lab

Act 9 again

  • Foothills WP to Basilisk
  • Town, get access to Oasis
  • Oasis, scorpion god
  • Quarry – that Factory map zone
  • God from Quarry (the Darude – Sandstorm god)
  • Enter Beast

Act 10

  • Straightforward enough
  • SC and undergeared? Death rush Kitava if needed, reward is worth it
  • Skip Merc Lab unless in a serious party with someone who gets the world from it

Early Maps – If Offense Lacking

  • Skip if damage output feels fine
  • Do T1s until you have Strand. Do no other T2s
  • Do Strand ASAP
  • Run T1s and Strands until you have at least one Channel.
  • Alch and go Channel to farm Tabula cards
  • Alch and go Strands when out of Channels.
  • If feeling strong and out of channels, run one Atziri
  • Upon completing Tabby, add Hypothermia – Swift Affliction to main setup

Maps – If Offense Fine

  • Always run your HIGHEST map. Don’t worry about holes. Work UPWARD.
  • Prioritize Zana chain
  • Once alternate of same tier unlocked use it on any map you are repeating
  • Once Shape T1-5 unlocked AND a T11 map complete, spam T5s with it. Sell high tier maps at exhorbitant prices.
  • Once character stronger, push red maps and unlock Shape T6-10 and do one T16.
  • Spam T10s with +5, sell T13-16 natural maps at exhorbitant prices.
  • Sell high ilvl Vaal Regalias early (keep one for self)
  • Fit in Merc Lab when it feels right. You want to do it pretty fast.
  • Level a Discipline
  • Do Eternal Lab

Delve Strategy

  • Get into mines reasonably early but not until map pandemonium ends
  • Azurite key early. Need all upgrades. Flare radius and sulphite cap first. Don’t worry about dankness farming at first.
  • Will need to do a number of sub-map tier delves for Azurite. Do this while under level 80.

Eternal Lab Trials Cheatsheet

Top line: Piercing Truth, Burning Rage

Middle: Swirling Fear, Lingering Pain

Bottom: Crippling Grief, Stinging Doubt

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