Path of Exile – My Synthesis Early Atlas Strategy

First the video version:

This isn’t a plan for a farming atlas. This is about the journey from a blank atlas, to having around 120/159 Atlas completion bonus.

The key summary:

  • Always run your highest tier map (unless you can’t beat them).
  • Use alchemy orbs on maps. If you run out vendor bad uniques and/or run Delves. Delves drop heaps of alchs.
  • If you want a Tabula, farm Humility div cards in Channel map (T3). Do this by completing Strand as your only tier 2, then Channel, then just farm more Channels. If you run out and are capable of doing so, run an Atziri (her trash mobs will drop a fuckload of Channels)
  • Have a razor focus on getting to Zana’s “Alternate of the Same Tier” mod. Use it liberally when repeating maps.
  • Focus next on completing a tier 10 Elder influenced map to unlock “Shape a tier 1-5 map”.
  • Run tier 5 maps with this +5 tiers effect. Sell many/most of your map drops.
  • Push toward red maps and a tier 15 Elder influenced map to unlock the higher tier Zana shape mod
  • Do one Guardian. Not Minotaur, do one of the others.
  • Farm tier 10 maps with +5 tiers. Sell your tier 16 drops.

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