Initial Atlas Thoughts

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Initial text thoughts:

Abyss and Beyond – Exceptional and synergistic, not near each other

Distilled Fungus – better than it looks

Beyond and Blight – also work together

Betrayal – Test of Loyalty

Breach: C+. Doesn’t seem that nodes are overly strong.

Delirium: Excellent, and Pathological is back to one of the best nodes. S+

Essence: Probably better than 3.13 to 3.16 era S tier early, A tier mid + late

Expedition excellent A tier

Harbinger B+ tier

Harvest A tier

Heist: Good even if you don’t run Heist. Bulk sell. A

Incursion: Artifacts of the Vaal REALLY strong early. Falls off fast. Resource Reallocation nerfed but this is made up by small node. Excellent overall. A tier early, B late, can be specialised in well.

Kirac: Preliminary C tier, STC. Better early subjext to respeccing

Legion: A-

Map Boss: D

Maps: Take early, respec when unconcerned with map sustain. S- tier early, B tier late.

Metamoprh: Surprisingly good in SC, with scarab purchases. C/meme tier unless you are willing to seriously specialise in which case you must take it

Rare Monsters: C tier.

Ritual Sacrificial Due: Top tier Ritual mod. 10% chance for bloodfilled vessel, REALLY good.

Ritual looks great in general. A tier, maybe will turn out better.

Rogue Exiles: EXTREME SC STRATEGY. Exiled Will for Torment ghost plus Ruckus for exiles everywhere. Meme mapping. D tier nodes except for laughs, S tier for laughs


Sextant cluster: Take this lategame but not mandatory. A tier

Shrines: Supplication – TEST THIS. At least A tier, may be S. Covetous requires testing. May not be good.

Synthesis: S tier

Strongbox: A tier

Synthesis cluster: A tier JUST FOR the 1.5% synth map (assuming this map completion only, if unique bosses, S+ tier). SSF – S teir because you need to get Synth maps out of the way.

The Eater Of Worlds; Searing Exarch

Assume A tier until proven otherwise. We don’t know

Shaper & Elder

S tier cluster if you are doing T14+ maps


Seance S tier

Unrelenting Torment: Meme tier but a good meme. Don’t actually take it except for fun

Unique Maps: Entire cluster bad EXCEPT MAYBE on synth maps, interaction needs to be confirmed. People will overestimate +2 level, it does little on T16s.

Vaal Side Areas: Mortal frags great in SSF. In trade, check Mortal Ignorance prices. TAKE THIS EARLY. B tier, maybe better early

Maven: S tier for bosskillers only. But it’s REALLY S tier.

A possible tree:

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