Six Links In 3.21 – Best Ways To Farm Up Your First

Notes from the video:

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Div Card Drop Rates

The spreadsheet from the video:

Underlying data – from PoorFishWife – 3.18 post with methodology

3.20 update, table only:

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Rog Crafting Notes

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Challenge Guides 3.19

Notes as PDF:

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Shock Calculator

WARNING: This is currently a DRAFT and might have a mistake or two.

Excel format only as it uses VLOOKUP, data constraints and a couple other formulae, if you don’t own Excel, Libre Office Calc is a free alternative that’s pretty good.

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3.19 Map Summary


or as CSV:

As always with maps, everything is a little subjective.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Apothecary has not been 100% confirmed to drop in Defiled Cathedral, to the best of my knowledge. Map tags indicate that ilvl 75+ items dropping in that map have a bit over a 1 in a million chance of being replaced by The Apothecary. Farm at your own risk, 75+ Crimson Temple is absolutely proven to drop it.

Notable cards:

Gold is the best, then silver, then copper, then text with no highlight, then blank.

I’ve tried to factor in card rarity as well as likely value – hence the extremely valuable Unrequited Love being only silver tier, and the somewhat valuable Gift of Asenath and The Demon not even showing up because they are so rare. This is trade-oriented (mostly). “And More” indicates that Seven Years Bad Luck and The Enlightened also drop; combined they’d be a copper/bronze tier.

Some cards lose value fast, these are mostly not included. Humility and some of the main six link cards are included but below copper tier.

Boss tag meanings:

RIP – Mistakes on this boss are likely to instantly or rapidly kill you. This doesn’t necessarily mean the boss is hard (Moon Temple gets this tag), just that there’s something you have to drop everything and dodge. Very geared characters can ignore (most of) these warnings.

Mech – The boss has complex, important mechanics

Phased – Overwhelming DPS will not instantly kill this boss, it will have invulnerability periods.

Gear – You can lose control of this fight in some way if you attempt it with terrible gear. Example – the boss has unavoidable damage, or spawns waves of adds that overwhelm you if you don’t kill them or the boss fast, or the boss self-heals. Often these maps can be easy when not delirious, and very hard when 60%, 80% or 100% delirious. They can also be rough on a 4 link with level 17 gems on launch day.

I expect some people will disagree with some of the tags here.

Layout tiers:

This is my personal opinion. As has become a nerd culture staple, these follow letter grading systems, but with S meaning ‘quite a bit better than A’.

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3.19 Trickster Overhaul: First Thoughts

Notes as PDF:

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How Was It Crafted Series

Episode 1:

Episode 1 came from Reddit where someone posted this item on this thread:

This item isn’t necessarily perfect, but it’s pretty good.

Crafting notes as PDF:

And as Powerpoint:

Episode 2

Episode 2 looks at upgrades to Alpha’s Howl, aura helmets with +4 to the level of socketed aura gems, 22% RMR, T1 spell suppression and bench life.


Episode 3

Episode 3 looks at very expensive amulets with Synthesized implicits, T1 life, and +2 to a category of skills.

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Recombinators Producing +2 Amulets


Note that “106 successes per 73 failures” counts only bad failures where you lose an exalt or more. Minor failures costing a recombinator and a +1 fire skills gem amulet can also happen, and you’ll get 73 of those failures too per 106 successes.

A very substantial writeup on how Recombinators work appeared on the Path of Exile subreddit yesterday. Details:

It’s a long post but you will want to read it – the other people trying to buy the same items as you will have. My video discussing the main parts:

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3.18 Trauma Stacker

Notes as PDF:

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